CT Cage Wash

CT CAGE WASH is water soluble, moderately alkaline, and multi-purpose cleaner formulated with wetting agents to provide outstanding cleaning ability in applications ranging from light to heavy duty. CT CAGE WASH can be used in concentrated form or at various water dilution rates. It is safe for use on plastic, glass, steel, tile, and other hard surfaces.

Featured Benefits

  • High detergency multipurpose hard surface cleaner
  • Lean concentrations assure low consumption and cost effectiveness
  • High detergency/surfactant package providing added cleaning power beyond alkalinity
  • Safe on all metals (except aluminum) and plastics
  • Contains no phosphates, nitrites or silicones

Product Specifications

Appearance: Clear light blue Liquid
Odor : Fresh, cleaner
Specific Gravity: 1.04
pH Neat: 13.5
pH 5%: 12.5
Solubility: Complete in water, forms clear solution
Rinsability: Excellent with water

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