CT Acid Descaler

CT Acid Descaler GA will effectively remove oxides and heat scale from copper or brass substrates by simple immersion of the part into the descale solution. CT Acid Descaler GA is widely effective in controlling calcium-, iron-, magnesium-, oxalate-, and organic-based deposits.

Featured Benefits

  • For online cleaning of most systems, CT Acid Descaler GA helps restore heat transfer efficiency by slowly dissolving rust and iron deposits from heat exchange surfaces and other cooling system equipment.
  • CT Acid Descaler GA contains special surfactants, and organic acids for the easy removal of oils, greases, and mill scale while passivating the system. This product does not contain mineral acids.
  • CT Acid Descaler GA can be operated at ambient to 120o F dependent upon degree of scale and oxides on the surface.

Product Specifications

Appearance: Clear water-white fluid
pH (concentrate): 0.87
pH (3% dilution): 2.20
Specific Gravity: 1.0703
Weight per gallon: 8.90
Foaming Tendency: moderate

IMAGE: Separate Attachment